torsdag 26. november 2009

Just some more

Photography is something direct, I dont use any Photoshop or other programs for adjusting. It is like painting with watercolour, one chance, one possibility. My photos are what I see......

I enjoy to take photos

Here is my newest photo... I like the creative find new ideas

mandag 23. november 2009

To Antwerp

This watercolour has just been sent to Antwerp, Belgium for a watercolour exhibition, witch will be held in April 2010. The title of the work is: Winter and it measures 56x 72 cm.


It was crowded..................................with people at the opening. Here I talk to my colleague Wenche K Eckhoff and in the background another colleague, the painter, Kåre Nordvik. The comments and sale at the opening was incredible.

onsdag 18. november 2009

Interview this afternoon

Today it was an interview with the journalist Knut Fjeld from Østlendingen. He stayed for quite a long time...... we had a really nice talk about art and of course about my art and aim for the book and exhibition.

tirsdag 17. november 2009


From time to time I use my camera to make my sketches. I enjoy photographing.

mandag 16. november 2009

Here is one of my latest watercolours

I am working wery much in clearing away all disturbing "things¨" in my work. Sometimes it is easy to think that must be an easy job to do, no, it is very difficult. Why?
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